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Trappers Anonymous
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Welcome to Trappers Anonymous

Ready to learn how to make your money work for you?

What is Trappers Anonymous?

Trappers Anonymous is a members-only group that focuses on breaking down daily stock market events, strategies and education. Trappers Anonymous is designed to encourage learning for investors ranging from beginners to advanced level investors who are on their journey to building wealth through the stock market.

Ready to learn how to make your money work for you?

We’ve heard this time and time again - make your money work for you. But, what does that actually mean? We break this down inside Trappers Anonymous, but let me give you some free game about making your bread work for you. 

It means:

  • STOP thinking a savings account will help you build wealth.
  • STOP spending money with companies you have no ownership in.
  • STOP thinking that the way to get ahead is to get multiple jobs. (What if I told you that two jobs are for two people? But, that’s game for another day).

On the flipside, it also means:

  • START investing your coffee money on the coffee company.
  • START spending an hour a day being plugged in to learn the wealth code.
  • START seeing your money as a tool to multiple instead of a resource to subtract from.

What does it mean to be a Trapper? 

TRAPPER: A person who understands real freedom is through generational wealth and they refuse to stay on the outside looking in. A trapper is ready to make their money multiply, on demand.

TRAP: The action of learning and applying wealth strategies, specifically through the stock market. 

TRAPHOUSE: The place where Trappers Trap.

"I created Trappers Anonymous for the culture.  I come from humble beginnings and when I was coming up, there was nobody around to share wealth education with me. I spent most of my early adulthood in a prison system designed to keep black men incarcerated and impoverished. I knew that once I got out, EVERYTHING had to change. So, I read books and introduced myself to the stock market. I learned very quickly that Wall Street didn’t just belong to old, caucasian men. People like you and I could touch wealth. We could invest. We could have ownership in companies that make money off our culture. I took the hustle that I learned from the streets, combined it with the skills I learned from books and mentors and created Trappers Anonymous."

I have a secret to share with you…

The 1st time you experience making money in the markets, a lightbulb instantly goes off and you will say to yourself, “I should’ve been doing this.”

And guess what? 

I want to help you have that experience.

Leon Howard aka Wallstreet Trapper

Known for "educating the culture on how to build wealth one share at a time," New Orleans native Leon Howard, popularly known as Wallstreet Trapper, has been dominating wealth building through the stock market for years. Growing up in New Orleans, Leon is no stranger to the streets and the pitfalls that come with it. During his 10 year prison bid he learned about the stock market and since then has been applying and teaching it to everyone willing to learn. 

Through his company, From the Trap to Wallstreet, Leon provides a plethora of resources ranging from courses, ebooks, and a private members only group where he simplifies wealth creation and normalizes generational wealth for the black community through investing in the stock market. Today he has a community of over 420,000 Trappers that he teaches about investing and wealth building.

Exposure is the key!

This exclusive community is for you if:

  • You want to learn about the stock market.
  • You want to build wealth.
  • You want to create legacy.
  • You are tired of living paycheck to paycheck.
  • You want to learn about the stock market.
  • You’ve been curious about the stock market but unsure of how to start.
  • You need to be around other winning mindsets.
  • You’re ready to let your money work harder for you than you worked for it.

The system is broken and we are wide awake now! Gone are the days of believing that you have to work full time until you’re 65 and then get a part time job to survive after that. We are changing the dynamic within our culture!

Being a Trapper simply means that you are ready to post up on your own block and create opportunities for your legacy. Everybody who is serious about learning a wealth mindset is welcome - but I have a special love for people who started at the bottom just like me. I’m gonna teach you how to level up...for good! Not knowing isn’t your fault. Before today, you weren’t connected with someone who could teach you the code. Now that you are, not doing something about it will be your fault.

So, I’m inviting you to Trap with me.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s offered inside Trappers Anonymous:

Monday Madness: 

We forecast what we can expect in the markets in the current week based on events and data collected from previous weeks. This starts the conversation amongst Trappers and sets the tone for informed investment plays. 

Ticker Symbol Tuesday:

We post a Ticker Symbol of a company and breakdown the fundamental characteristics of a particular business. This helps new Trappers who struggle to choose a company to invest in by teaching you how to use research and data to identify companies that are worth adding to your watchlist. This strategy alone teaches you how other investors make their investment decisions, allowing you to adopt some of the same habits and thought processes when building your own investment portfolio. 

Wild Out Wednesday:

Our community leaders take requests from within the community to do due diligence on a particular company. This is essential for learning fundamentals - which will be the key to your long term investment strategy.

ETF Thursday:

We focus on a particular ETF and dive deep into understanding the strategy. This is ideal for investors who aren’t ready to begin investing in individual stocks just yet. We consider this a safe play - a good prelude into the markets. 

D.R.I.P Friday (Dividend Reinvestment Plan):

We breakdown one dividend company and learn how to use dividend earnings to be an additional form of passive income or as a way to reinvest for shares of the company. 

Say Something Sunday:

We dive deep into the community for feedback from our Trappers. We want to hear from you. This is your opportunity to share any new discovery, your wins and ask questions. We are always eager to receive and provide feedback.

Bonus Member Perks


Live From The Kitchen: We feature 5 Trappers from within the community and give you an opportunity to break down a company and educate the community of thousands of Trappers on that company. This is one of our community favorites because it models the “each one, teach one” concept. Our Trappers get involved by asking questions, offering insight and suggestions. Additionally, we pick winners from our featured Trappers and offer monthly prizes for their amazing contribution to the community. 


Live Trappers Book Club: As a community, we select a book, read the book and review the book. We discuss different ways to apply what we’ve read to our lives. The goal of the book club is to encourage reading and learning in our community. It is said that many people are just one book away from the life they desire to live. We are eliminating all excuses inside Trappers Anonymous. 


Monthly guest expert training. Wallstreet Trapper is opening up his network of successful financial strategists, experts and entrepreneurs to teach you how they achieved success. Our guest speakers and trainers hold nothing back when they step into our Traphouse. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I am a beginner, will I be able to interact in the group and receive help? 

Absolutely! The Wallstreet Trapper Lieutenants (Lt) and your fellow Trappers are very active inside the Trappers Anonymous community. This group serves as an immense support system as you all work together to reach your investment goals.

How long is my membership?

Exclusive membership to Trappers Anonymous is on a month to month basis. Though we are convinced that once you’re in, you won’t want to leave, we offer a “cancel any time” policy. 

Is there a Facebook group?

We have created an amazing member experience using our own, private platform. At this time, we have decided to operate within this platform instead of Facebook. 

What if I miss a session?

No worries! All sessions are stored for you, under the Topics area of the member site. You can revisit and replay a lesson as often as you’d like.

Do you offer refunds for this subscription? 

All of our digital products and services are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Do I need a lot of money to start investing?

Nope. You can start right where you are. Seriously - we don’t just say that. Any person with any budget can start.